• Thu 23rd Oct 2014

    This from CCC provides the basics. Spokes would really appreciate comments from people who currently cycle through this area. Spokes must have comments in to CCC by 13.11, so comment early please.  Thanks, 

  • Tue 21st Oct 2014

    Final submission now made.


    This report is well worth the read. An excellent summation of where we are and where we need to go. Sadly it is hard to believe that central government will actually adopt and aggressively implement the recommendations. Strong political champions for cycling are needed at all levels of government. 

  • Tue 14th Oct 2014

    Sub made, attached oral to ECAN on Wednesday 22 October which was very well received. 


    Apologies offered to ECan. They did alert Spokes, but the word did not filter down. Mea culpa.



  • Wed 22nd Oct 2014

    Hi All:

  • Mon 29th Sep 2014

    It is with regret we learn of another cycling fatality on Christchurch roads. Our commiserations to the friends and family of the victim and the surviving truck driver.

  • Tue 16th Sep 2014

    With just a week to go before we head to the polling booths, Cycle Action Auckland has updated their Vote page with a summary of the cycling policies of our


  • Mon 14th Jul 2014

    An excellent website for learning about all sorts of things useful for community engagement: The Bonner Curriculum produced a module Lobbying 101.

  • Mon 14th Jul 2014

    Believe it or not, Government Departments do provide some jolly good information and resources for ordinary folks.

  • Sat 14th Jun 2014

    A useful way you can get involved in cycling advocacy is to write your own submissions. It helps us a lot if you write submissions that support ours.