• Sat 7th Nov 2015

    There are two Major Cycleways open for submissions until 25 November and 2 December. Those that want better cycling infrastructure in Christchurch are encouraged to submit on any one or more of these submissions. The Major Cycleways project is starting to make a difference to the lives of people in Christchurch and there is a risk some people will oppose the changes.

  • Sun 8th Nov 2015

    Congratulations to CCC for a great effort.

    Notes, public summary and links are all attached. 

    The file 'public' is a very quick synopsis. "notes" includes a full revi

    Please take a moment to write a submission in support of this cycle route and thank CCC for listening. 

    Draft Sub now attached for comment.




  • Mon 14th Jul 2014

    An excellent website for learning about all sorts of things useful for community engagement: The Bonner Curriculum produced a module Lobbying 101.

  • Mon 14th Jul 2014

    Believe it or not, Government Departments do provide some jolly good information and resources for ordinary folks.

  • Sat 14th Jun 2014

    A useful way you can get involved in cycling advocacy is to write your own submissions. It helps us a lot if you write submissions that support ours.