• Tue 29th Sep 2015

    Hi All:

    Final submission made to CCC 8.10.15

    After a long hiatus thanks to the demands of quake rebuilding another submission is now up for review.  This is the main west bound cycle route on the south side of the CBD. Not a pretty picture thanks to the awful Accessible City Plan.

    Please comment soon as this goes in no later than 8 October. 

    Thanks, Dirk

  • Tue 30th Jun 2015

    The major cycle routes begin and this one looks pretty good. There are some issues and thanks to Steven for his good work. Please comment soon.


  • Sat 30th May 2015

    CCC offers up St Albans as another arterial to sever car commuting from the north into the CBD. People on bikes get some advance stop boxes which may, or may not, be accessible when not being used by left turning cars. Notes attached, submission to follow. Please comment if you use this route. 

    Thank you for emails, final sub now attached and submitted.


  • Tue 29th Sep 2015

    Every wanted to have the rejoineder to those hoary old chestnuts at your fingertips? Here's a short FAQ sheet to use or pass on to politicians, media folk, etc for their own quick reference. Thanks CAN!

  • Thu 3rd Sep 2015

    CCC published this article in the NZ Construction News August 2015.

  • Thu 3rd Sep 2015

    Local advocate Robert Fleming submitted this article in the St Albans Residents Association newsletter.



  • Mon 14th Jul 2014

    An excellent website for learning about all sorts of things useful for community engagement: The Bonner Curriculum produced a module Lobbying 101.

  • Mon 14th Jul 2014

    Believe it or not, Government Departments do provide some jolly good information and resources for ordinary folks.

  • Sat 14th Jun 2014

    A useful way you can get involved in cycling advocacy is to write your own submissions. It helps us a lot if you write submissions that support ours.