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CCC Annual Plan 2014

Draft submission now attached. Comments to newsletter [at] spokes [dot] org [dot] nz 

Please make a submission. No matter how brief, they all count.

Feel free to lift ideas and words from the attached draft sub. Read the notes and make your own. Councillors will need an overwhelming response if we are to move them along.  


CCC Norman's Papanui Rd No Right Turn

This is a non notified consultation. Spokes has been fortunate enough to receive word of the proposal.  

Right turns onto Papanui from Normans Road are to be banned at rush hour. Should this apply to people on bicycles? Read the sub and please comment. Thanks, Dirk 

Cycle Friendly Awards NZTA 2014

NZTA 2014 Cycle Friendly Awards

NZTA has joined with CAN to support cycling in NZ


The Isolation of Consultation

The Isolation of Consultation

Notes from the 3rd April 2014 Bus Exchange Consultation

CERA, CCDU, ECan, CCC have joined together to build the new bus exchange to be located on Colombo between Lichfield and Tuam Streets. 
The plans look OK, there are some very good ideas brought to us by some very talented and well-intended people. There will be secure bike parking for 100, with room for expansion. Bikes on buses can remain on-board through the exchange, or be removed/loaded in the exchange. 

Cyclist Death

With today's tragic death we can at least be motivated to do what we can to get safer infrastructure right away. 

Here is a sample letter. Use what you will, but send it.

Email addresses for Councillors and Community Boards can be found at www.CCC.govt.nz 

The Mayor, Vice Mayor and members of the Environment Cte (decide on cycle infrastructure): Lianne [dot] Dalziel [at] ccc [dot] govt [dot] nz  Vicki [dot] Buck [at] ccc [dot] govt [dot] nz  Phil [dot] Clearwater [at] ccc [dot] govt [dot] nz    Jimmy [dot] Chen [at] ccc [dot] govt [dot] nz   Pauline [dot] Cotter [at] ccc [dot] govt [dot] nz   David [dot] East [at] CCC [dot] govt [dot] nz Tim [dot] Scandrett [at] ccc [dot] govt [dot] nz

Grassmere/Rutland St Shared Cycle Pedestrian Path

CCC would like some support for this piece of the major cycle routes programme. 

This would provide an alternate for part of the north/south journey otherwise made on either Papanui Road or Cranford St.

Proposed is a 3 metre wide shared path with 3.5 m bridge over Dudley Creek, 550 metres total length. From south entrance Rutland Reserve to Grassmere Street/Grants Rd intersection. 

There will be a a Public Meeting at Paparoa Street School from 3.30 to 6.30pm on Monday, 7 April 2014. 

CCC Wooldridge Road

Hi All:

Draft Minutes of Spokes Core Meeting Thurs Apr 3rd 2014

at CPIT Room A136, 5.30 - 7pm 


Next meeting: 1 May 2014. This will also be the Spokes AGM.

Wooldridge Road Shared Path

19 Mar 2014 - 00:56
28 Mar 2014 - 17:00

Bike Fix Up Day at MacFarlane Park

Shirley Community Trust in conjunction with ICECycles present...

Bike Fix Up Day


MacFarlane Park

17 Acherson Ave



Saturday, 5th April 2014, 1:00 to 4:00pm


ICECycles Poster 5th April 2014

Summer Big Bike Fix Up

Location map

20th Canterbury Regional Active Transport (CAT) Forum

20th Canterbury Active Transport (CAT) Forum

On Thursday 27 February 2014, at 12:00noon.

In the Oak Room at the Atrium - Hagley Park Netball Courts.

Hear presentations by Julie Anne Genter, Green Party MP and transport planner;

and Roy Hamilton, Highfield developer. http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/business/your-property/8672712/High-interest-in-giant-subdivision

Food available from 12:00 noon.

Cycle Queensland

6 Sep 2014 - 19:26
14 Sep 2014 - 19:26

CCC NZTA SH 1 4 laning

3 Dec 2013 - 23:04
18 Dec 2013 - 17:00

CAT Forum

28 Nov 2013 - 17:15
28 Nov 2013 - 19:30

Bicycle users road cost contributions

Main Road Master Plan

11 Nov 2013 - 22:49
22 Nov 2013 - 17:00

2013 Christchurch Santa Parade Cycling Float

8 Dec 2013 - 14:00

Riccarton Bus Lounge

5 Nov 2013 - 20:52
8 Nov 2013 - 15:00

Cyclists wanted for focus group Mon 4th Nov

November Spokes Canterbury

 To view this online go to http://spokes.org.nz/newsletter/2013/10 

Come Ride with Santa

An invitation to take part in the 4th combined Spokes/Frocks on Bikes cycling float in the 2013 Christchurch Santa Parade on Sunday 8th December 2013 along Riccarton Road. 

Come and enjoy a family fun day on bikes. Feel what it is like to be a rock star performing in front of a crowd of 100,000 people! Enjoy a post parade picnic in a secluded corner of Hagley Park.

Marshlands Road Mairehau Road Intersection

22 Oct 2013 - 13:19
4 Nov 2013 - 17:00

A good slogan and a very good article

I like these people's bi line and I think the article approaches a sensitive subject in a well reasoned manner.


(Short) Newsletter Special - Open Streets Ciclovia

(Short) Newsletter Special - Open Streets Ciclovia

Sunday 29th September 10:00am to 4:00pm

A reminder that the Open Streets Ciclovia Festival postponed in July is on this Sunday 29th Sept in the central city.

There are a few changes from the programme with heaps of stuff happening in what is the biggest active transport event in more than a decade. A brief run down and a request for volunteers at the end...

October 2013

Special Vote Now Issue


To view this online go to http://spokes.org.nz/newsletter/2013/09


Road works around the rebuild

Road works around the rebuild

Have you noticed that there is a lot of road works going on all around the city? Well it is going to go on for a long time. SCIRT (Strong Chch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) are responsible. SCIRT's delivery teams comprise of 5 contracting companies who are responsible for the day-to-day management of works. They are Fletchers; City Care; Fulton Hogan; Downer and McConnell Dowell.

See http://strongerchristchurch.govt.nz/about/structure for more information on their values and behaviours.

Bits and Pieces of interest from Cycle Aware Auckland

These  came through the CAN google groups network and may be of interest - they were to me!  and a few things came to mind which I've put in in italics throughout:



Barbara Cuthbert wrote: 

I got an update yesterday from Stephen Town from NZTA HQ news.

Curletts Road improvements

Improving the capacity of Curletts Road through one of four options - at least one of which involves no space for cyclists

 See webpages and attached PDF of the document

Drop in time at the Upper Riccarton Library 3-6.30pm Wed 21st August

Webpage:   http://www.nzta.govt.nz/network/projects/curletts-road/index.html?r=1


Comments anyone?



September 2013


To read this e letter online go to http://spokes.org.nz/newsletter/2013/08  


Road Works Around the Rebuild

Earlier this year following persistent complaints about the management of site safety around rebuild work sites from people riding bikes, Spokes asked for a meeting with SCIRT to discuss how things can be improved. In April our reps along with a member of the public were invited to meet with their Traffic Management Tactical Group TMTG (the SCIRT delivery teams Traffic managers).

Noble Village independent review in order

 quite an interesting article given this history here.  it has certainly taken a while and I guess could reflect that the CCC feels like its on shaky ground after everything that's happened recently.




August 2013 Spokes Canterbury Newsletter

August 2013 Spokes Canterbury Newsletter

To read this online go to http://spokes.org.nz/newsletter/2013/07  

Special Note: Our regular hard-working, non-paid, earthquake-affected editor is taking a well-earned overseas break. Rumour is that he has gone to London to join the cheering crowds welcoming the new royal baby - but don't believe it. So the Acting Editor has decided to take the opportunity to produce a more locally focused newsletter.

Doug Craig former Core Member

Doug Craig former Core member would appreciate visits at Chch Main Hospital, Ward 16, Room 6. He will be there for about 3 months for a non cycling related problem. 3 months, in the hospital, boring... Visitors will be enthusiastically welcomed.

July 2013 Spokes E letter

To read the e letter online go to


Winter Solstice/Matariki Bike Ride

21 Jun 2013 - 17:30

June 2013 Spokes Canterbury

To read online go to http://spokes.org.nz/newsletter/2013/05


Marshlands/Prestons Intersection Safety Improvements

1 May 2013 - 23:53
27 May 2013 - 17:00

Notices of Spokes AGM

29 May 2013 - 17:30
29 May 2013 - 19:00

Canterbury Active Transport Forum

13 May 2013 - 12:00
19 May 2013 - 13:45


11 May 2013 - 10:00
11 May 2013 - 11:30

About a Vibrant, Accessible City

Listen to a discussion about replacing one way with two way streets in Perth, West Australia and the rationale behind it.

Plains FM Community Radio Station host Bill Demeter talks to Graham Newsome
Principal Traffic and Transport Officer, City of Perth, West Australia.


And read Perth's CBD Transport Plan to 2016 here...

Cars get the boot in new CBD plan

Adam Carey
Transport Reporter for The Age, Melbourne.

12th April, 2013

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/cars-get-the-boot-in-new-cbd-plan-20130412-2hqp1.html#ixzz2QEoUrYTl


Pedestrians will take priority over cars on Melbourne's city streets if the council backs a progressive road safety plan on Tuesday.

CCC 3 Year Plan Cycling

CCC has come out in support of building $70 million of cycling infrastructure over the next 5 years. They need to know that the public is excited by this, supports it, and would even like more emphasis on walking and cycling. 

Notes on the plan and a submission are attached. Feel free to read and, cut and paste or write your own submission. You have until 19 April to submit it to CCC. You can go to this link and hit the green have your say button to do an online submission limited to 3,100 characters:

Spokes Canterbury May 2013



If the bicycle was invented tomorrow, it would be seen as the solution, not the problem


CHOCBAR!  CHristchurch Otautahi Cargo Bike Annual Rally

Postponed on 20th April due to bad weather this is now scheduled for Saturday 11 May. Follow link http://spokes.org.nz/contentevent/2013/04/20/chocbar 


2013 AGM

Christchurch Draft Three Year Plan

25 Mar 2013 - 12:20
19 Apr 2013 - 17:00

Draft Edgeware Village Master Plan

25 Mar 2013 - 12:13
10 Apr 2013 - 12:13

Spokes Canterbury April 2013


Read on line at http://spokes.org.nz/newsletter/2013/03


City Council Cycleways - Sign the Petition!

Boris Johnson's bold thinking could change the future of London cycling

Boris Johnson's bold thinking could change the future of London cycling

Mayor's new plans for cycling in the capital could re-shape the way Londoners transport themselves for decades to come. The plan is to spend £900 million!

See...  http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/bike-blog/2013/mar/07/boris-johnson-future-london-cycling for details.

Noble Village Update 2

June 2013 update:

Council made clear to staff that they were not pleased with what had been done. At the 25 Oct 2012 council meeting thisndesign for a road serving 6,000 vpd was considered dangerous.  None the less council voted 9-4 against remedying this dangerous situation. (Doing right by the community and people who bicycle would be expensive and politically unpalatable.)

Spokes Canterbury March 2013

Read this online at: http://spokes.org.nz/newsletter/2013/02


Land Use Recovery Plan

22 Feb 2013 - 15:00
22 Mar 2013 - 15:00

Traffic Signals at the Frankleigh/Lyttelton/Sparks roundabout

1 Feb 2013 - 12:00
27 Feb 2013 - 17:00


- See what's happening around town for cycling at
Cycling in Christchurch

Spokes Canterbury Newsletter

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